Gratefulness ~ Blessings…

The kind of friendship and connection that they know when you need them without you ever having to ask, that you can be completely vulnerable, that when you feel like you're at your worst they still see your best and remind you who you are... The kind of generosity that sees someone in need and... Continue Reading →

Gratefulness ~ A voyage…

Leaving the old world, old programming, old wounds, old blueprints behind, and traveling to a completely new world with new beginnings, new hope, and new opportunities for life and love and heartache and experience.

Craft ⁂ twt

He crafted each note with a mindfulness to exactly what she'd think of each phrase, hoping she'd blush her delight. ⁂ This week’s Twenty Word Tuesday writing prompt.

Gratefulness ~ A change…

I used to be afraid to speak the truth, afraid I would be yelled at or worse. Then someone else did the scary thing of filing a report, someone who is a mandatory reporter, and instead of me having to be brave enough to file the report and tell the truth, I only had to... Continue Reading →

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