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She was many things…

Her smile was intoxicating and her laughter addictive. She was undoubtedly a lady but she had the naughtiest sense of humor and would say the most outrageous and amusing things that left him shocked and shaking his head. Even when she wasn’t sitting right in front of him he could see her blue eyes twinkling and the smile that would spread across her face when her one-liners and wit would shock the room. She could recite Shakespeare and Herrick but he couldn’t help but laugh when some foul word would come out of her pretty lips.

Her stubbornness outmatched the most headstrong mule but he knew it was never without reason. She had a strength that was more than just uncommon. He was strong, and he was friends with some of the strongest men around, but she had a strength that was equal to theirs and at times he was certain it was greater. She’d survived things that he couldn’t imagine and she did so with a grace and poise that showed a resilience that was rare and remarkable… And he marveled that she couldn’t see it.

She had a blind spot a mile wide for the ugly things in people. It wasn’t that she was incapable of seeing red flags and it wasn’t that she was unwise, it was that she was endlessly forgiving and always seemed to see better in others than they were capable of seeing in themselves… Except when it came to herself. She couldn’t see her strength, her resilience, her beauty, her charm…

She was a lot!

She had so many things to say, stories to tell, deep thoughts to share, and she gave him unprecedented access to her innermost thoughts and feelings. She was completely vulnerable to him and while she had always felt the freedom to be unabashedly herself, she sometimes wondered if she was just too much.

She was so many things but he never thought that she was too much to handle.

Brought to you by this Ragtag Daily Prompt.

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