Courage ⁂ #hopewriterlife

I think oftentimes people do not realize what courage there is in so many things that are so much smaller than what we tend to label as courageous. We look at people who do big things and stand up in the face of great danger or seemingly insurmountable odds and we praise them for having the courage to do so, but courage is so much more.

Courage is being an advocate for yourself or for someone to get the help or care they need.

Courage is speaking your truth about what you feel, whether it is ending a dead relationship or pursuing someone even at the risk of your feelings being unrequited.

Courage is reporting abuse and toxicity even at the risk to your own safety and at the risk of having your name besmirched for being courageous enough to do so.

Courage is so many beautiful, little, terrifying things when we open up our mouths to say the things we are afraid to say.

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