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Oftentimes when things are challenging, we forget that we ought to take the time to do more than just keep up with the day to day of surviving. It isn’t enough to just survive. It isn’t enough to just find a way to make sure basic needs are met. We cannot simply do the lowest level of existence and expect to thrive as human beings.

We need to choose to craft and hone our skills, to find something to be skilled with beyond existing.

That is a part of what it is to be human.

Be human. Find something to craft. Find something to grow with…

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  1. Ah, how true. I find that I realize this tidbit of intelligence comes and goes with the up and downs. Always helps the soul smile when I am working and being creative. When the clouds cover and tears fly, I fall deep. It is taking less time to climb back up to the sun and start working each time. I hope your climb is a bit quicker each time also. I am beginning to find the spunk of the old me. Not ready to fire a hand made pot, but almost. That’s my goal. To laugh and sing and play again. One day at the end of my very hilly road it will show it’s self. I will be a very different me, but I will still be me!
    🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹 Joan

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