Collaborate ⁂ #hopewriterlife

Sometimes it’s hard to hold onto hope when things are challenging and right now things are challenging all around with a lot of seemingly scary and unprecedented difficulties facing us all. When times of great trouble come to us, we often err in the extremes:

Self imposed isolation, which now includes Netflix and Hulu and Amazon Prime so we don’t even have to see anyone if we don’t want to and which, therefore, contributes to the isolation and all the unhealthy things that come with it...

Or joining with like minded individuals who exist in the same mental space to find community but which also contributes to extreme emotions and attitudes that can sometimes justify behavior that we would under normal circumstances never consider to be acceptable.

The thing about extremes is that they’re unhealthy. The healthy place is someplace in the middle… Someplace that balances the oneness of self and the community without losing yourself and your morals… Someplace that steps away from the extremes so that we can find somewhere that we can unite, where we find a place to collaborate, to listen, to understand one another, and to find compassion for one another.

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