Fight Club

It is strange to sit down and write today. Apparently my life right now is fight club and we all know the first rule of fight club:

Don’t talk about Fight Club.

Writers, or at least good writers, write about what they know and what they feel, their experiences, the growth and knowledge gained from life, but what happens when they’re given strict orders not to talk about any of that in a public forum for some period of time? I’ll tell you what happens…

Their soul hurts…

They’re hamstrung…

They’re in the middle of the desert sitting on the edge of a perfectly functioning well in the arid dry of sands and sunlight but not allowed to take a sip…

Writers cannot write where their soul isn’t and experiences aren’t so when experiences and soul are off limits, silence invades the writer’s space and madness ensues. There are so many words that are pent up and waiting to be written but until the gag is removed, I’m stuck in the liminal space of a perpetual hell of words unwritten which is where the nonwriting writer who is courting madness lives, as Kafka once wrote.

So, in an attempt to entertain myself and you, dear readers, I’m now open for suggestions and requests for short stories, poems, classics, or themes to write on or about. Comment below or send me a private note from the contact page above and I will endeavor to entertain us all rather than entertaining madness…

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  1. Write about anything you wish. Write it from a different angle or place so it sounds like it about mountain streams not desert whirling dervishes. Don’t stop writing. It hurts inside and you loose a bit of your ability. It’s hard to get back. What you can’t or won’t write in other words, write in your journals. Fill them up. Many a child’s story was a hidden story to adults.
    Dream big dreams . 🌹🌹🌹


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