Fury ⁂ rdp

Butterflies swirled and danced in the fury of the early autumn winds, intermingled with the falling reds and golds in sunlight. Tanka poetry Brought to you by this Ragtag Daily Prompt.

Electric ⁂ twt

His touch on her hand, on the small of her back, brushing the curl from her cheek was positively... electric. ⁂ This week’s Twenty Word Tuesday writing prompt.

Froth ⁂ rdp

A bubbly shhhhhhhhh filled the mostly cavernous emptiness within the coffee shop. Until the last 6 months, the shop would have been filled with customers eager to spend $10 to $15 on a coffee and a pastry, sitting in the cool air conditioned space and listening to the latest company endorsed album while sitting on... Continue Reading →

Need ⁂ sws

Deepest needs: Met? Or never met? ⁂ I am learning that I sometimes don’t need many words to still say so much. Here is the original Saturday Six Word Story Prompt for this week.

Unperturbed ⁂ rdp

The cat stretched and yawned, rolling lazily from the half light into the brightest part of the ever progressing mid afternoon sunbeam, completely unperturbed by the mouse not 10 feet away. Brought to you by this Ragtag Daily Prompt.

Darkness ⁂ rdp

The darkness was thick and cool with a heaviness that was deeply comforting. Too often people shirked away from the night wanting only for it to be over but she relished it. It was the quiet that carried with it no demands. There was no requirement to speak to anyone, to impress anyone, to keep... Continue Reading →

Eerie ⁂ rdp

The wind blew roughly through the dried and dead leaves that hadn't yet been ripped from their former homes in the trees and shrubs surrounding the cottage. It was the kind of autumn day that started with the need of a pea coat and hat, leading to a middle afternoon warm enough for the need... Continue Reading →

Hole ⁂ rdp

The hole in his heart felt endlessly deep and hollow. There was nothing good about his situation and he felt like he was completely trapped. When women are battered, there's always judgment about why they stay and how they got there but there's also still the compassion for them... The weaker sex. Regardless of how... Continue Reading →

Rejuvenation ⁂ twt

Steaming cups of tea... Sunrise runs... A child's laughter... Sunsets after storms... Fireside reading and writing... All moments of rejuvenation. ⁂ This week’s Twenty Word Tuesday writing prompt.

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