Perspective Taking

This week I did something I haven't done at all in almost 16 months with more ease than I've been able to do it in for more than 4 years: I stood up on my one leg and a prosthetic and I walked. If you don't have any major health issues, disability, or problems with... Continue Reading →

Gwenism #2

This isn't a game of Go Fish... This is Chess. Pawns will be sacrificed, and as many other pieces as is necessary for that matter, in order for me to be the Queen of this battle...~First uttered by me I'm not sure when. This ism is my current favorite. And, honestly, how could it not... Continue Reading →


Abundance is mine The harvest of my labors Is fruitful indeed Haiku originally published 19 September 2018


Resilience. This is a word that keeps coming back to me but not because I say it to or about myself, rather because there's a very small handful of those who keep saying it is a quality I possess in great supply. To be honest, I have a difficult time hearing this word applied to... Continue Reading →

Mona Lisa

Falling asleep with My soul shining means waking As Mona Lisa Haiku originally published 29 August 2018

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