Beautiful Lies

12 thoughts on “Beautiful Lies”

  1. The eyes tell all. They are the windows to the souls. I still find this true as when I am asked how I am by people who know and care look deep into the soul and call me a liar. The others accept it because they either don’t care or can’t deal with my truths. I can only hide it for awhile. To build a good mask over the eyes and souls is hard. It is tiring and can only be done for awhile. Yes, the the road my life is on is different now, but even if all were well that road has turns and bridges and even some spots that are washed out. Life is meant to just keep going. Get on another road or direction, but we all have to try to keep it at one small step a day. The sun will shine one day, even if the 3 months before were rainy and dark. 🌹

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    1. They eyes do tell all. But people are uncomfortable looking at them, at least in my experience. And we do need to keep on going. My hope is that more will face the ugly truths in their lives and move on to something better. Something happier.

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  2. Great post. I think social media has made it much easier to project the beautiful lie to the world. Even I do it—my life isn’t one big laugh but I write only about the funny stuff because focusing on that makes me feel better! Maybe that’s why other people do it too, I don’t know.

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    1. I recently reread Kafka’s “The Metamorphosis” and even though it was written over 100 years ago the theme of projecting only the most beautiful existed then. His allegory really spoke to the loss of humanity in the loss of meaningful connection with others and it wasn’t that Gregor was physically a bug it was that his family could only accept him when the image was perfection and strength rather than the imperfection. Certainly social media makes it much easier; for heavens sake I have a video conference app that will airbrush zits off my face as I’m conferencing! I think there’s more to it than our nature wanting to not seem like a whiny toad and wanting to have nice pictures out there. With what we show the strangers of the world, instinctually we know we are safest when we show no weakness. This one is I think deeper than what social media is.

      I keep being struck by this idea that to some degree ~ some of us more than others ~ get so caught up in creating this image of perfect strength, composure, and happiness within our personal circle of influence that the truth is hidden by us and ignored by others leaving us in unhealthy and toxic places. Sure, social media with friends and family contributes, but even when we are together with others there’s this unhealthy desire to not let any flaws or weaknesses be seen.

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