15 thoughts on “Resilience”

  1. Once upon a time when my daughter was old enough to notice, remember that she was born when I was 40, she asked me why I had wrinkles. I should do something about them. I turned to her and said “watch”. I smiled and they disappeared. They are not wrinkles, they are smile lines. They only prove that I have smiled my way through life. I am proud of them. I hope you have them one day. It tells me my life has been happy. It all depends on how you look at things.
    There is no wall that can keep you in. No mountain too tall, no river too wide. You have the determination to keep going, a smile deep within that keeps popping out. All put together is resilience. To be down for a day or cry over a book or news of someone is normal, but then you snap up and take charge of your life. How wonderful and what an inspiration to an enormous number of people.
    My mother took me two things. One was in order to give, one must be able to receive. That’s a bit harder. We are taught to give not to receive. The other was to rely upon oneself. Don’t count on others to live your life. I think you are doing well. Don’t second guess yourself. The eyes are often closed when looking in the mirror. 🌹

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