Be the Buffalo: History with a Point

9 thoughts on “Be the Buffalo: History with a Point”

  1. well said
    i m third gen american
    my sisters wanted to become
    honorary italian citizens
    i thought how silly
    grandpa left there
    how good could it have been?
    the buffalo come back
    we waste
    we taste
    i on the western side
    of the rockies
    saw a woman
    whom reminded
    me of you
    at denny s
    i thought
    ah i hope Gwen
    is happy today!

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  2. Yes! I’m going to be the Buffalo too! Get through it. Face it and reach the sunshine. The Great Plains are breathtaking. Nothing can make you feel as small, yet magically transport your soul to a different plane at the same time. The beauty of a vast forever surrounds you, and there is peace. I love that you have these memories, Kit. I can totally see you as a kid on a bike, watching the storms roll in. You were brave then, as you are now. 💜

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  3. Up here, we have protected parks that have allowed the buffalo to recover and flourish. It’s so important to protect these majestical creatures and so many others:-) Be the Buffalo is a great mantra!

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    1. You crack me up! Here I thought I was imparting some deep philosophical and psychological wisdom about how to handle hard things…

      Bullshitted. Lol.


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