Sitting in the top of the house Rocking the chair in the open window Watching the lights of buildings Along the near horizon Slowly disappear Through sheets of rain Illuminated momentarily As if from behind In lightning flashes While windows shudder At the clap The tempest rages Winds howling Until the bolts tire Of their... Continue Reading →

she is only moved

“She accepts your compliments on her face, her hair, and her body graciously—    and she is, indeed, beautiful.    But she is only moved when you notice the beauty of her spirit.” ~ Allaisia Hanan It's easy to look at the outside of someone and decide whether the outside brings you any pleasure. It's... Continue Reading →

Beautiful Lies

I don't think I'm the only person who sometimes finds a recurring theme, thought, idea, or word arise in my life.  I find it interesting that whenever recurring words come forward, I'm reminded at the same time of those points at which I've written about them before, only the difference is that with each progressive... Continue Reading →

Legs for Days

That's what I was told I have today by a man whose business it is to measure bodies. Lady, you DO have legs for days! This guy, whom we will call Al, came by to measure me for a wheelchair (its only been almost 7 months since I joined the footless few and I've been... Continue Reading →

Waiting on the Right Things to Change

Do you remember being a child at the holidays? There was that one toy you opened on Christmas morning (or on one of the nights of Hanukkah) that your parents tried to warn you Santa might not bring but he somehow managed to bring anyway (because he's Santa!) and you were overjoyed... until you realized... Continue Reading →

Tender Touch

I woke with a start To a dream about what is And about what it will be Where the stings are all removed By a tender touch Originally 10 May 2018

“Loss and Gain” ⁂ classics

As a poet and as a human being, Longfellow was rather a shining example of insight, strength, optimism, courage, and good coming from the forging fires of sorrow, loss, grief, and great struggle. While many poets' words live on because of their artistry, I would argue that Longfellow's words live on more because of their... Continue Reading →

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