The Brightest Stars

How often do we focus on the brightest star we see?

Only all the time.

We see the sun all day but none of the stars in the universe beyond.

Are the other stars gone during the day?


Have they gone out or lost their shine?


They are there but we forget to even think of them because the sun is close enough to us to make it difficult to see anything else. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean the sun is the brightest, the hottest, or even the biggest star in the sky, it is just the one that is closest to us.

We also tend to mistake nearness or most present in our lives with the most healthy and valuable to our souls. The sun does allow the body to make vitamin D, but in excess over time can cause one to develop skin cancer. The voice that is nearest at hand or the loudest in our choir, like the little old lady in church, doesn’t necessarily have the most beautiful voice or beneficial word. Sometimes it is the voice coming from the back of the risers.

Just because one light seems brighter, it doesn’t mean that it actually is.

Sometimes it takes a little darkness in our lives to be reminded that there are infinitely more stars in the sky than just the one closest to us.

Sometimes we need to remember that the stars that shine brightest for us are not always close at hand, but that doesn’t mean they are absent unless we choose to forget their presence.

Sometimes we need to remember that the star that is closest to us, just like the voice that may be the loudest or the most present, isn’t necessarily the one that is best for feeding our souls and giving us what we need. 

Originally published 19 March 2018

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