Golden Threads

12 thoughts on “Golden Threads”

  1. I just walked a journey with you through fine woven tapestries singing out that they are real and waiting and oh, how I look for the gold in my own words woven into something not quite as clear. Humbly admit I too found the gold was prepared as I proceeded down the road less traveled. Kit, utterly beautiful writing, and awe-inspiring reflection. You are simply a joy to read and each post is a gift to those of us lucky enough to have read it!~Kim

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  2. Your ability to walk me through your self-reflection so effortlessly is humbling. I know it can’t be easy to find the calmness needed to reflect the way you did on this one. I don’t know who this person was that was with you that day, but would you tell them “thank you” for me?

    Also, I love the picture of that statue you used in this one.

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    1. Someone 🤷🏻‍♀️ (complete mystery who) used a picture of that statue recently and said it reminded me of them. I’m now completely obsessed with her…! She is the inspiration for the celebratory tattoo I am getting.

      I was awestruck at my calmness and wisdom at the beginning of this whole journey. The strength and Gwen-ness were there all along, I recognized and named them, it just took a bit for me to step into them and accept them. I thought when I started that I’d find someone who was less sure, more afraid, but I didn’t. It hurt to read knowing this piece was this day, that piece was that realization, but at the same time I saw how my voice became stronger when I stopped fighting against the circumstances and against the hurtful nature of certain events but instead accepted the circumstances for the truth of what they are, focused on the person not the event (myself not what is happening to me), and as I began to let the threads become more of a catalyst of the words rather than just an Easter egg among them.

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      1. *chuckle* – I hadn’t realized how that poem or that picture would resonate. It wasn’t intentional, which speaks to the subject of what you wrote here.

        This, what and how you just commented, is why I showed you those lines in that poem you asked me about. There is something just so powerfully perfect about your writing. I have seen it first hand the way your voice grows in strength with each passing phrase in a single piece. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

        The wooded mountains are definitely your friend.

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  3. Although you are “receiving” bits of gold to weave in your tapestry from many of your followers, what you show us and give back in your feelings and writings touch so many of us. Whether you are further down the road or back a few paces, we seem to be on the same road. It is different than most roads and makes us feel alone. When in truth, there are so many of us walking that road in different shoes, it takes all of us to hold hands to walk without falling.
    Thanks for sharing your part of the tapestry. It is strength from within that all of us can see and feel. 🌹

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