Your Convincing Lies

14 thoughts on “Your Convincing Lies”

  1. It’s interesting to hear someone else talk about the “soul” through the eyes. The photos I don’t show people are the ones my husband took of me. My heart sings out to him. That is no one else’s business to delve that far into my life. How funny, but they are scacred to me. All my others are junk because they are pictures of a body. I can’t make a lie. It doesn’t work. Am I happy? In most senses. In the most important ways. Love is strong. Everything else is falling into place thanks to family. That doesn’t mean it’s an easy life. It’s a tough time,but love keeps me going. One tiny step at a time.
    One part that’s been important to me was finding you and your mom after so very many years. Lots of love in that. 🤗


    1. Thank you! It’s funny… when I sat down to write I thought I was going to be just writing about all the things about the woman in those photos that weren’t authentic… the masks and the ways I was doing what someone else’s idea of me was rather than pursuing my own idea of self. Somewhere along the way something entirely different came out of my fingertips. But I’m delighted it did! ~Kit

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      1. I always find myself wearing glasses because I tend to have a very ‘dead’ stare. I do not photograph well, I find I look much more ill without glasses. So, even though I only read with glasses, I usually buy frames anyway. Funny, I never really thought about this until your post. I learned a very important lesson today, due to you! Thank you Kit!

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    1. I’m glad.

      I wrote this almost two years ago and I thought I had my shit together until I realized I was doing it again… The lies. Then it was flat out lying, this time it’s omission and retreating to my hermitarium to hide.

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