The Cuppu Theory, or How to Not Lose Your Cool in a Conflict

9 thoughts on “The Cuppu Theory, or How to Not Lose Your Cool in a Conflict”

  1. Think before you jump. I get the cuppa thing. Good message, great post. I have to mention, even though I am a yank 😉 we threw a tea party bridal shower for my niece (who is part English). We had her VERY English grandmother do a demonstration for the party on how to prepare a proper cup of tea! Every one loved it.

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  2. Your mom and I used to have a cuppa way, way back when. What a joy to have a friend to chat and have a cuppa with. Miss those days. A cuppa to you and to her.
    Another old time friend and I find 2 matching tea cups and saucers and send one on to the other person as a reminder of our chats over a cuppa.
    Calming and peaceful. Always ends with laughter. Memories of love and friendships.

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    1. Indeed, what a joy! That cuppa is the thing I love to do with my friends. When I write, I’ve got a cuppa. When I talk to the people in my tribe, I’ve got a cuppa.

      I don’t have any cups and saucers currently, but I’ve got my cuppa in my hand!


      1. thank fr Pat. but i was thinking about what you said about your stump and those lovely mds. well if i had listened to mine i’d have died in 2007. so rock on and keep on being just as you are ~

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