To Leap, Or Not To Leap

15 thoughts on “To Leap, Or Not To Leap”

  1. Great transition connecting your yoga experience with dealing with adversity in everyday life. Always a great reminder to get out of that comfort zone and not fall back to what’s easy because we want to use it as a crutch.

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  2. One of the things I have learned when I dig deep into someone’s blog (chain reading) is that feeling of connecting their posts to paint a picture. You are a truly gifted writer, with a remarkable sparkle that you can’t contain. You ARE the exception to the rule and a light in the darkness. I hope you remember that if you ever get “weighed down” again.

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      1. I know you thanking me is genuine, and I appreciate it. Please realize the gift you’ve made available to any and all that should stop by and simply pick up. Never stop writing. There is rare beauty, power, and strength in your words no matter the subject.

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