“Don’t Quit” ~ John Greenleaf Whittier: Classics

17 thoughts on ““Don’t Quit” ~ John Greenleaf Whittier: Classics”

  1. I have been told some wise words. When you feel like breaking and crying every tear in the ocean, do so. Whether it is in a room of people or by yourself in the shower, cry if the tears are there. Your road is different than mine although we may walk side by side, our hearts and minds are in different places. Our hurts may never go away totally. Get less painful is what I’m told. When? I don’t know. I firmly believe that a broken heart is broken into many pieces and may take us a long time to glue back together even part way. I am thankful for the sunny days after the dark. All I can do is give send a hug, which in itself will bring tears. Than hug again to let you know that I truly understand and cry with you. 🌹

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      1. Sometimes people forget you need the savory and salty and rotten bits of life to be able to appreciate the sweet ones to their fullest!

        Like a plate of charcuterie of life…

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    1. I decided to go back and reread myself and I realized I’ve been laying a path for myself to follow for a long time.

      Then I realized that if I needed to read something again because it was poignant, than it must be poignant for others.

      Don’t you quit ever, Kim! ❤️

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  2. I’m glad you re sent this one. It’s a good look back. Our roads may have turned into foot paths, but most days it’s able to be faintly seen. Some days are all tears and broken hearts. Thankfully we also have some that have spring flowers and sunshine. We all will make it to our next point before falling again and picking ourselves up once more. To you and all your followers, may this be a day of flowers and sunshine. Always my love, Auntie Joan 🌹🌹🌹

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