The Brightest Stars

How often do we focus on the brightest star we see? Only all the time. We see the sun all day but none of the stars in the universe beyond. Are the other stars gone during the day? No. Have they gone out or lost their shine? No. They are there but we forget to... Continue Reading →

Golden Threads

On Thanksgiving when friends came by for cocktails in the evening, my sweet (beautiful, brilliant, resilient, wise) friend spent some time seated with me next to my fireplace, talking of a great many things, the two of us enjoying being in each other's confidence while the Mr. Wickam's of the world left us to our... Continue Reading →


I would like for all My facets to be cherished, Seen, understood, accepted Not to be picked apart and Just taken piecemeal Originally published 10 October 2018

The Blessing of Covid

There is nothing healthy about remaining in a situation with yourself or with others where it is unbearable to be in closed up in the same space alone or together. Nothing. You are not noble or honorable or wise or kind for continuing to remain in an unhealthy situation with yourself or with someone else. You are not strong or resilient or faithful or powerful or amazing for continuing to remain in an unhealthy situation with yourself or with someone else. You are simply unhealthy and whether you realize it today or you realize it 10 years from now, what is healthy is what is right. Make a change now. Use this time to reflect upon yourself and your situation now and let that motivate a positive change that lasts after the quarantine in both your relationship with yourself and your relationships with others.

Braving Rejection

I recently read somebody's short musings about having spent too much time overthinking what she says, so rather than simply speaking her mind and openly expressing her feelings she does not take the time to speak her truth as often as she could or perhaps should. How many of us choose not to speak because... Continue Reading →


Hunting for lions She's in bullshit to her knees And in the wrong field ⁂ Perhaps you're knee deep in bullshit because you walked into a pasture. Maybe it's time to walk out of it and leave the bullshit behind. After all, if you're hunting for lions, or lionesses for that matter, you won't find... Continue Reading →

If Schrödinger’s Cat Was a Writer

Once my door is closed and I'm shut in to write, no one but me knows whether I'm writing or a non-writing writer courting madness. In that sense, I'm definitely Schrödinger's cat. ⁂ © Gwendolyn Raczkowski 2018. All rights reserved.

Fine Wine or Alone In the Dark

Grapes start as little things. Sweet. Crisp. Perfect little bite sized balls of goodness. But they're also immature. And as delicious as they are when paired with cheeses and slices of delicious roasted meats, crackers and honey, and perhaps a few nuts, they can be better. You see, there's this thing about those little things.... Continue Reading →

Your Convincing Lies

Have you ever looked back on old pictures of yourself only to shake your head at who you were in that moment and the choices you were making then? I've been doing just that all morning with some pictures of a party I was at, oh, three years ago. Something about these pictures has been... Continue Reading →

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