Normal: to quote my soul

Sometimes you find and read a quote that feels so deeply like it came from within your soul that you swear whomever wrote it was channeling you.

New series: to quote my soul

There may sometimes be an explanation, sometimes not.

I’m a mess.

I was really sick and I nearly died.

And they just expect me to be normal.

(Last Christmas)

4 thoughts on “Normal: to quote my soul

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  1. No one understands that a loss of body part, of a mate or anything else that creates a hole in us takes a long time to be able to be lived with. It isn’t covered up and doesn’t heal or disappear. It will be there forever. We now live with a pain, a hurt or a hole within us. To build a bridge over it is the best you can do. Bridges are not built in a month or two. It messes with regular patterns, with eating with sleeping and other relationships for as long as it takes. 1-20 years. Let no one kid you. They just haven’t had this type of loss yet. I hope most people don’t. It’s a horrible up and down. It rips you apart as you are trying to move on in life. It’s always there. With one another as crutches, we may get there. Keep loving. 🌹🌹

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