She claimed as her own every victory, every accolade, and every achievement he had won by his own blood, sweat, and tears, and she felt emboldened to take advantage of every opportunity to show off the spoils of her twisted little conquest. Her cap had been set the moment they met and nothing would stand in her way because she was determined to be Mrs. Him, to own him, to possess him, to keep him, to drain him like the vampire she was, until nothing remained but his empty husk and her massive hubris.

Sammie Scribbles Weekend Writing Prompt

Use the word “hubris” and write a piece of poetry or prose in exactly 94 words.

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  1. I kid you not, my little one. I will give you ten years and then I want to see you mail or hand me your novel. I am not interested in it being published by a big house. This is your new project. Arguments? 🌹

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