It Was Almost The End…

33 thoughts on “It Was Almost The End…”

    1. I figured that was what happened and I’m righteously indignant that with a platform as widely used as this one that there isn’t more in place to keep us feeling safe. 30% of the websites in the world NOW are powered by WordPress but our only choices when someone crosses the line are to hide or go elsewhere?!

      I’m resisting the urge to write that toad about the BS on his latest post while citing his other work, but I know that if I get in a fight with a skunk that even if I win I will still lose.

      I am so happy you feel safer. For me, all my abuse was hidden so I know psychologically if I hide here, I’m going back to that rather than moving forward. And I won’t go back.

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      1. I totally understand that! I was wrestling with that exact feeling quite a lot because that guy was so foul. I felt violated and gross. When I looked at his blog I wanted a shower to clean the ick off and I felt all those same feelings coming up from my own abuse experiences again.

        I think what made the difference for me in remaining public is that I think ultimately I’m moving toward writing and living recovery from trauma, especially intimate partner violence, and I can’t be the beacon for someone else to get out, to get to safety, or to heal if they cannot see it.

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  1. yes you do Gwen
    i know when you leave
    a footprint online
    it comes with consequences
    good and bad
    but as a man
    i know i could not
    comprehend the disgust and fear
    this fellow has engendered
    all the best
    and i hope you remain!

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  2. What a horrid person to have to deal with and to read on your blog. I agree with you that your post helps many more than just you. Your ability to put into words our hurts, feelings and growth have been important to so many of us. Even if this person is finding help, Word Press should be backing you because of the way he is speaking out. It is a threat to yours and everyone else’s wellbeing. These blogs are out there so others may enjoy them, learn from them and heal from them. Not to be bullied. You are not on a back street with gangs hanging around with knives in their hands. That’s not ok.
    I do not want you to have to go private. That goes against who and what you are. I will help fight WordPress with you. There may be people that will do nothing more than copy my post and send it to WordPress. That alone will help. They need to hear from lots of us. I’ll start tonight.
    Hold on to you broom handle, ready to hit hard and let’s get them. Go girl! Love you, 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

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      1. I love you, too! 🤗❤️
        Know how many people, whether they are able to respond or not are so completely behind you and everyone else who may be in this position! I write for your mom and dad and family also. I have a lot on my shoulders! Good luck. If I need to do more, ask. 🧹🧹 we will clean up this mess.

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  3. This is what I sent. I am not happy with WordPress!
    When you have a blog on your site and someone gets on discussing abuse and how to do it, mentally or physically, that isn’t freedom of speech, it’s abuse or harassment. These blogs are often used by people opening up to others to help themselves and others. These can be everything from illnesses to abuses to addictions. The fact that you won’t back your bloggers except by saying they can make the blog private is a poor excuse for what I call the old white mens club. They could do no wrong. Not it they bedded their friends wife or daughter or beat the wife or kids, after all they were men. This is the year 2020 and that kind of thinking is gone. Pay attention to us or you may find that you no longer have a site.

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  4. Wow! Your Aunt Joan is great! Now Kit. Are you safe? What is up with that asshole? You handled this much MUCH better than I would have… I don’t think going private is necessarily hiding. I do think YOU going private is not your gig! You have learned to speak out loud! You are learning how to call out people with toxicity levels, blogger dude is definitely toxic! Do you want this blog shared? I stand by you! No farewells my friend… 💜

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    1. I am safe. So far I have had nothing to indicate my safety and well-being are in danger but as always I’m keeping a keen eye out. Thank you for asking!

      You’re right. Private is not my gig. Nothing will ever change if the stories and truth are not told. I must tell the tales!

      I would LOVE if this blog was shared!

      Thank you for always being such an amazing and supportive blogger friend, Kim!!!

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  5. Kit, I am getting ready to send the bloggers who read me to you! I have one question as I included the links your Aunt Joan provided. Can I have the blogger’s name? I don’t know how people will be able to fill out the forms without a name? It is totally up to you. I don’t see what the issue would be for not giving the name… ???


  6. If this is something you do not want to do, it’s OK. You’ll have to let me know what you feel comfortable with. I do not want to pressure you in any way. Your decision has to be what you feel is right for you right now. We can deal with the ‘other’ in time.

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      1. Yes please.

        He’s currently scrubbed his page from all offending posts so if anyone went there anyway they would not see the “how to” garbage.

        The fact is, we could hand them a specific target but that could turn the target on us AND it only gives WP one target. That also runs the risk of demonizing a single individual rather than a mindset. There will always be more than one bad person on here. We need the ability to make reports and to block people. If people make reports saying they are in support of me and for my experiences to be the catalyst, then WP can come to me without waging war on one person who is twisted and wrong in their thinking.

        We want to change the policy, not just kick that guy to the curb.

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  7. Lots of people commenting on your post on my site… Kit, feel free to answer the comments. I don’t know why they aren’t commenting here on your post??? There are some good comments! xoxo.

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