Goodbye 2019: Ending with Intention

13 thoughts on “Goodbye 2019: Ending with Intention”

    1. I’m glad I found my voice here again but I’m delighted I’ve finally found my voice in relationships. I always said to speak your truth and set boundaries and share your needs but somehow never actually knew how to do it myself. It was that bottom up leaning, that blueprint that started before I could speak. Now that I’ve learned how to apply it… I don’t ever want to have to learn this lesson again.

      🥂 To staying resilient!

      Happy new year, Bo!

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  1. loss is tough
    Gwen i learned to let go
    it is hard enough to live with my son
    he s my blood
    even a spouse is not blood
    nor family
    i m older
    and hoping to cope maturly
    happy new year!

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    1. Isn’t it just marvelous to make such brutal folds? *sigh* I still reach out with a foot that isn’t there anymore even though I never did BJJ with it and I find with limb difference, there’s a lot that we *think* I can’t do but can. I’m very excited that things are starting to make sense and flow together easily! Ah! Karate wrestling at the pajama gym.

      You know, DG, I forgot what I could do as a writer too! Thank you.

      It is good to be back. I see you’re back too… damn!

      Happy New Year!

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  2. Mine disappeared again. Bad luck with computers!
    Just know I’m doing ok and like you I am climbing out of my hole. Like you, mine will always be there but I am strong and will overcome. I am weaving. Not well, but I have time. I also am in two yoga classes to get me out with the public.
    Broken is broken and mine will also never go away, but I will move onward, never forgetting, but needing to relearn how to fly. Good luck in this this new year and new decade. Always my love, Auntie Joan 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

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    1. I love you, Auntie! You’re so fiercely authentic and unabashedly vulnerable and honest.

      We may not ever be unbroken, but we may mend! Remember that.



      1. My handy needle and thread will cut another pattern. What we have will also be darned. You’re right about that. Time is our friend. Tough fabric we are made of, duck not velvet. 📍📍✂️📍📍🌹🌹😍

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      2. You know, it’s funny you say that because today I am wearing jeans. Levi’s, actually. There’s a whole market out there for denim dug from old mine garbage heaps and dumps the world over because it is so durable that they can dig out some old jeans that are 150 years old and someone could wear them!

        Since my amputation, I had resolved myself to living in yoga pants for the rest of my life because I’ve seen how a socket can destroy a pant leg… but denim can survive longer and even when it is torn, distressed and torn jeans are fashionable.

        Tough fabric. Like us.


  3. What a brilliant way to end one year and begin the next. There were so many lessons in this post. Good lessons, healthy and spiritual. I must say I am at a loss as where to begin! I want to discuss it all with you! Yet, I don’t want to disturb one single word, leaving it perfectly in place as it was meant to be. Such growth, Kit! You amaze me, on a regular basis. I am so thrilled to know you! Give yourself time to take all the knowledge you now possess and enjoy where you are at RIGHT now. You deserve a victory lap!!! Your paintings are simply beautiful! I Love LOVE love the last one especially! I’m so glad you are now enjoying the process. You are very good! The magic, I believe, is in the imperfections… though I couldn’t point out what those are in your artwork that is displayed in this post. Keep writing. You are gifted with the written word as well! Just be you, Kit. You are more than enough. YOU are a gift! Enjoy the New Year dear Kit. 💜💜💜

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