What A Decade of Loss Taught Me

4 thoughts on “What A Decade of Loss Taught Me”

  1. From another broken heart that people expected to be healed in a months time. Some days are sunny and a lot are painful. Pain from people doing silly things. Hospice writing me a letter addressed to Miss. I seem to have misplaced my other half. Most people expected me to move from my home. Sillies.The physical pain of the broken heart for what ever reason is real. The need to have to hold one’s body tight so it won’t fly apart is real. I commend you for writing this piece. We hopefully will all find our way down the road to a new path as we slip and slide. It certainly won’t be a quick journey or one that is painless. We still all will end up minus something yet end up a bit stronger. May we all try to leave others with a bit of learned compassion. It’s all that helps us day by day. We wear our courage in our hearts.

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  2. your loss is tough
    but joan had everything taken from her
    she died for four years and in august passed away
    julie retired with a phd and died in her bed suddenly
    the point is your pain is unique and real
    grieve anger and weep
    but you re alive
    and sharing your story
    and i thank you
    and encourage
    you to seize now
    anyhow you can Gwen~

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