The Audacity to Live

5 thoughts on “The Audacity to Live”

  1. I choose a slightly different road. I am going to celebrate from the 6 days prior to now. All days ,including anniversaries, with a happy memory and the celebration of our lives. I am not as able to be out with others as much as I want yet, but am doing my gardening and sewing and weaving to think and work out the hardships. May you find you own equilibrium. Your joy and bubblyness will return when you are ready. I’m glad to reach out with a hug again. Your loving Auntie Joan 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

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  2. Bravo! Yes. You did have the audacity to live! The wolves circle when they sense weakness, but sometimes the weakness is the wolves desire to live the pack life. Chose your pack quietly, carefully. You are incredible! Yes, we must face ‘why’ we made the choices we made, but we never got in line to become a victim. The lesson is, learn to pick a different line! And never, ever stop fighting back. This was worth waiting for, glad the words came. xk

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