The Road You’ve Taken

14 thoughts on “The Road You’ve Taken”

  1. This made me think of the old-school Choose Your Own Adventure Books – sometimes I wish in real life you could mark your page so if you don’t like where a choice takes you, you can flip back and pick a different choice.

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    1. Wouldn’t that be lovely?! I’d choose not to wear some things I did and choose to wear some things I didn’t, I’d have said something to that someone when I had the chance so I wouldn’t have that “what if” floating around inside my head, and I would definitely (definitely!) never let anyone else near my filing cabinet again.

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  2. My sewing room and Weaving room are off limits to All unless I say differently. All know that. They give me crap about what they look like as the are “work” rooms not pretty rooms. To let them in picks them up and disturbs the magic in the air. ( ok, maybe a little dust too) it’s the magic that weaves into my mind when I am in the rooms. Filled with little collected art from all over and photos and paintings of all types. I am not copying you. I’ve been at this for a lot longer, but I think must people who are creative have this type of surrounding. Not to be touched by others. Do not touch someone else’s magic. 🌹🌹

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