Beauty from Pain

12 thoughts on “Beauty from Pain”

  1. You have inspired me today in ways I can’t even explain. I feel so incredibly blessed to have been guided to your blog by Brandewulf. You are a force, and someone I very much look forward to getting to know. And, damn, you are one hell of a writer!

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  2. And you will fly, my dear Kit! Our past hurts, aches, pain, and tragic events do not pass away with time. Time doesn’t fix anything. But it takes time to understand, rise, become who we are now! These tragedies shaped us, living in us, making us different but better able to handle this life. I love that you have taken your power back. ~Kim

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  3. Just found this one.
    You live to see the children in your class smile and learn. Not to figure out which ones won’t make it ti adulthood.
    You design and sew clothes so you can feel and look pretty for yourself.
    You fire pots so you can find out what beauties hide within, not to find out if they will hold water.
    You look for friends for life, because they will always be there when you want or need them. Not because they are fair weather friends.
    Mirrors show us who we believe we are that day, not what we are in the past or all of our problems put together.
    Life would be pretty unbearable if I ran down the list daily of what wrong with me. I prefer to smile in the mirror and speak about what’s right and whole about me.
    Smile on, even when you stumble a bit. All of us stumble.❤️

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