To the People Watchers

3 thoughts on “To the People Watchers”

  1. But for the rest of us, especially when watching close to home, intellectualizing the objects of our affections causes us to entirely miss, misrepresent, or wholly misread and misunderstand the subtle cues we receive from those who hold affection for us.

    Damn, this belongs in a psychology book that they teach in college.
    I am an extroverted people watcher which often means I am not at all stealthy and get told to “mind my own business” lol

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    1. Damn, Girl! You crack me up! I’m a mix between the stealthy watcher and the all out starer. Usually I scan the room, pausing here or there for only a few moments before moving on and coming back a minute later. But what gets me in trouble is when something strikes me and I laugh out loud while full on staring at a total stranger.

      And thank you! Life lesson learned the hard way.


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