“Gawain & the Green Knight” ⁂ Classics

20 thoughts on ““Gawain & the Green Knight” ⁂ Classics”

  1. This is a magnificent post! Exception interpretation and summary that is gripping. That last line! “…there is no battle to fight at all except the fight with the flaws within.” I had to take a few minutes. I will be revisiting this post! Outstanding! xo~k.

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    1. I’m glad I replied on the last one first because it gives me a thought on this one!

      We ARE all fallible, we all are human and err, those are the flaws within that we address. But just like Gawain, we address them on our own, fight and face them on our own. You and I both know that no one who hasn’t lived what we have really can understand our daily fights to survive, and the same is true of the things we fight inside ourselves, our flaws that keep us from finding peace and happiness.

      I love it when you share you’re thoughts and it gets me thinking even more. ❤️Kit

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      1. Thanks, Kit! Yes, NO one knows what we face, not really, if they haven’t lived it. I learn from you more and more with each and every post! I don’t know what its like to live your life. I do hope empathy, not sympathy, comes into play here. Some adults never master empathy… we have both met many, I’m sure. The fight inside ourselves, oh! That’s a big one! It is a constant battle at times… this is why we are fighters, this is how we survive! We find our tribes… eventually. This has been a great discussion! I so appreciate YOU, Kit. xo~k.

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  2. Those stories, the fairy tales, the poems, the great works of celebrated authors… are fiction. We try to pull from it what we need in life, sometimes what we need to believe in. I believe it depends on where we are in life, what we have experienced up to that point. Children love fairy tales, read them as adults and they are frightening! ‘Hero’s’ ‘chivalry’ ‘moral obligation’ ‘goodness’ … the measure of mankind? Who is weak, who is strong? Who should even be the judge? In life we all gain a certain amount of knowledge dependent on what we experience personally, good and bad. We evolve. Do we end up better or bitter? Kinder or cynical? What I believe matters is knowing that each individual does the best they can with what knowledge they have obtained up to that point. Sweeping generalities fit not one person on this earth, we are human, we are fallible. Just my thoughts… 💜

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    1. It’s amazing to me that as children we pull the ideals and we blow past the fears in the feeling that good and evil, right and wrong, strength and weakness are all black and white. Then as adults we see cynical truths that we don’t like but we understand, we see the grey areas, we question ourselves and look deeply within to decide if we have measured up to the ideal we built as a child.

      It’s funny that you talk about being fallible because you’re berybright. The one who was supposed to be the BEST, Gawain, was fallible while the one who was the villain, the Green Knight, lived up to the chivalric code exactly… Except as a villain!

      Thank you for this, Kim!!!


      1. Children are not capable of forming complete thought in the gray areas, their brains haven’t developed the skill of critical thinking. Gray areas as ‘danger’ ‘self-preservation’ most importantly, ‘consequence’ no relevance to a child. We do go through a hormonal teenage rage… ha! But we somehow survive. I think there is the underlying idea of “don’t judge a book by it’s cover.” The outside world is presented one side of our selves, only our inner circle knows the truth. Sometimes only we, individualy know our truth. There is a lot to take in here Kit! I’m only guessing… Trying to interpret the age old questions that still have no firm answers, what makes a good person? Is there good in everyone, or evil? Atleast we are considering the possibilities. This was, again, a great post. I could discuss a post like this for days! Thank you! xo~k.

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