The Road You’ve Taken

Sitting in my office today at my writing desk, I found myself staring at a simple snapshot, smiling warmly, and feeling astonished at how such an uninteresting looking shot would be so valuable to me that it would be the only photograph to grace my space. Do you see it? Somewhere between empty journals waiting... Continue Reading →

Beauty from Pain

I was talking with a friend this morning when something was said that hit a nerve I hadn't realized could be hurt anymore, triggering a veritable tidal wave of the most unpleasant and wretched emotions, and when I shared a few of the events connected with that particular nerve and those feelings, the only word... Continue Reading →

To the People Watchers

Last week, I wrote of my once habit of having a weekly date with myself at Starbucks to write, and then a few nights ago I chatted with a friend about the desire to have more time to just sit, sip, relax, and people watch. What else could I do but indulge in this pleasure... Continue Reading →

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