The Thistle

Thistle, hearty flower, Resilient beyond end, You seem to be destroyed at times But still come back again Your armor is protective, A painful prick you'll give Because that is what you have learned You must still do to live Your tall, strong, slender stems and stalks One may cut down quite low But rooted... Continue Reading →

Hard Truths

A few weeks ago, I wrote a short story called Denial that was pushed out to platforms beyond this one. On one of the other platforms, someone commented that one has to dig deep to confront someone else with that word... Denial. Now, I haven't actually logged into that platform more than once or twice... Continue Reading →


He had loved her from the beginning, and she him, but the time was not right then... So they meandered there and here for some time before meandering back into one another's lives and hearts.  The connection they had was undeniable.  If only they would say so.⁂ Sammie Scribbles Weekend Writing Prompt Use the word... Continue Reading →

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