Lucky #13, Turtles & a Timely Perspective

Okay… I could try to write this better but I couldn’t if I tried. I mean, there’s no way to write this better.

I’m laughing.

I’m crying.

I’m sitting in a coffee shop nodding my head and holding my hand up to Jesus saying, “Yaassss!”

Lucky #13, Turtles & a Timely Perspective
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7 thoughts on “Lucky #13, Turtles & a Timely Perspective

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    1. Moving and moving on can be a challenge, but the suck that happens in the limbo of transition can be beautiful too… That’s what I’m finding, anyway.

      I’m not angry about the bad and the hard and the struggle and the suck anymore. They gave me the chance to discover what a fucking badass I am and that I really am better off in my now than I was ever before, even with the challenges I face every day.

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  1. Oh my god, this made me laugh out loud! But I’m not so sure I agree. I have read your writing and am quite sure you could write something amazing. You are a love for sharing this, and I’m so happy it made you laugh and feel it all. (although I kinda wouldn’t wish that on anyone, to be honest.) Big hug to you, and keep writing, my girl. You have a gift!!

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