Beyond the Green Door: I’m No Grey Man

13 thoughts on “Beyond the Green Door: I’m No Grey Man”

    1. You’re right. I do give a fuck. I don’t like being not liked unless I know that it’s because I genuinely gave someone a reason not to (like calling them out for being a toad).


  1. You are far from gray, dear Kit. You are possibly a living, breathing, no doubt about it, immortal Phoenix. I know you are a strong, brazen woman who has dance in her soul, music in her mind, tea on those lips, and a beauty that is undeniable. Your intelligence is unquestionably supreme. But. If you are She and become Her, I will miss She. I am seeing you rise, and it is amazing after knowing you were in flames. I think trying times build character, at least I hope so, God, I hope so! I’m not about extremes, honestly, maybe I find myself most comfortable being gray… you, Kit, were meant to soar. I look forward to witnessing your rise as you soar higher and higher! Get your red lipstick on and continue to tell your story OUT LOUD!!! I’m listening…♥️

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    1. But. I do rather like this brazen woman I’ve become having done so. She’s kind of a badass who speaks truth to people unfalteringly, who calls a spade a spade, who owns her shit, and who sets and keeps her boundaries. Oh yes. I like this Phoenix rising a lot!

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  2. As I am finding out, being strong and moving on in and with life is very much not the norm. Oh well, mourning does me no good. Mourning over your leg is much in the same thing. After awhile it is senseless. The ones who don’t understand will leave, or argue or even not believe your path. It’s not their path. You are making your own path and will always be a stark contrast of reds and blacks and brilliant colors against the “grey” background. Your “life” and you are some wonderful to celebrate for yourself. I am glad that you are being true to yourself. Grey isn’t your color. Flamingos aren’t dull or wallflowers, thankfully. 🌹🌹🌹

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    1. Yes, thankfully. I don’t think I could stand it if we were!

      You’re right. People have left and argued and not believed. I’m over them. They can go. I don’t need anyone throwing rocks into my pond.

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