There was no way to describe what he was feeling and doing if not to say that he was walking though each day of his existence, surrounded yet alone, with none seeing him for all his truth or bringing even the smallest ray of sunshine to his life but her, while he stood in denial about his feelings because he could not fathom that she could possibly feel the same and so he denied himself the opportunity…

Sammie Scribbles Weekend Writing Prompt

Use the word “denial” and write a piece of poetry or prose in exactly 77 words.

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17 thoughts on “Denial

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      1. Truth. I guess I have just been through so much in my life I’d rather be ballsy enough to say something than wonder for a lifetime.


      2. 1) Thank you.

        2) It’s no problem to find people that see and like the outside, it’s another thing entirely to find someone who sees and likes the insides with the gumption to not think I’m “too pretty” to want to be with *him*.


    1. Of course you see past the surface and finish the story with the truth.

      Thank you! It sure feels deep to have written as one long incomplete sentence of denial…

      On another platform that this pushes to but that I’m never on, I got a notification for a comment that I couldn’t leave alone. This person said, “Denial…strong word. You have to dig deep to confront someone with this word.” I couldn’t tell if this was disparaging or not in his mind of the piece and the story it tells so despite not being active on there (beyond this pushing out) I had to respond:

      “It’s true, one does have to dig deep to confront someone with it. But I think too often people are more afraid of hurting someone else’s feelings to find the gumption to dig deep enough to tell someone they’re living in denial. A hard truth spoken in genuine affection or love still hurts, but it will not leave the lasting damage of a beautiful lie.”

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