Be at Peace

Don't be my peace. Be at peace with yourself so you won't disturb mine. ::author unknown::I don't just feel the *yes* I feel coming from a place of wanting others to be at peace. People make decisions thinking about how they will impact their own lives but they rarely think about how they will impact... Continue Reading →

Freedom Blooming

Counting down the days, The sunrises and the sleeps, From death to new life sprouting And the promises of spring, Freedom buds and blooms. . Tanka Originally published 20 January 2018 at 9:49 AM as I prepared to leave my home for a hospital far from home to get specialized help for my healing and... Continue Reading →

Only In

Only in my suffering Did I discover lasting pleasure and joy Only as the result of my brokenness Did I find my true beauty Only because of my oppression Did I finally understand the delights of freedom Only by traversing the darkness Did my light begin to shine its brightest   Originally published 12 July... Continue Reading →


He was in over his head, that much was certain. He had gotten himself stuck in a no win situation, caught between his head and his heart, and there was no way he could see to have it all. He could either choose to stay in the same stagnant waters he had been in for... Continue Reading →

Pink Petals

Drips of dew collect Along softly opening Pink flower petals Rainy season provides ample inspiration for the botanical loving soul.


She was the perfect example of the perfect Gemini with all the seemingly contradictory juxtapositions of her zodiac sign shining daily and he fell for that extroverted introvert, that lurid librarian, that cockily insecure woman who was the epitome of strength and tenderness. ⁂ Sammie Scribbles Weekend Writing Prompt Use the word "zodiac" and write... Continue Reading →

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