Clinging to Mistakes: A Tomorrow that Never Comes

4 thoughts on “Clinging to Mistakes: A Tomorrow that Never Comes”

  1. if it is bad
    change it
    in time most things change
    die away
    faded older
    and in need
    of being disposed
    let go
    and here is why
    this is me
    and so you know
    i used
    to do that too

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  2. I will never forget, but will move forward. Life is to be loved and enjoyed. I will become part of all that is around me, slowly but surely. I will keep looking in the mirror for a smile deep within. As I walk the path it will find me once more.
    To all those also fighting in some how or another, I wish you luck in watching the sunset and sunrises and finding your heart again. They can be the hardest steps to find. I believe in all of us. It is possible.

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  3. Wow–those men discussing 18 months really shook me. On the upside, you’re right–just because you’ve invested in something doesn’t mean you can’t let it go if there’s no return on the investment!

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