How Deeply Yearns

How deeply yearns
The soul of the sea
For the smooth white sands
When hauled away
By the inescapable pull
Of that far off world
Void of any life or warmth
Yet dragging insipidly
Away from the warm pools
And softness of sunlight
To the cold and desolation

How empty and chilled
The soul of the sands feels
In the absence of the waves
That tickle her shores
When the sea comes warmly
In sun and starlight
To dance playfully where
Ebb and flow meet
In that narrow margin
Is pulled away instead
To the dreaded abyss of lifelessness

No matter

The white sands send
The sea to the chilly vacuum
With so many tiny grains
Of polished beach glass
Like their own private starlight
Sparkling within the depths
Where the pull of that
Which has no light that is not borrowed
Cannot capture or remove
The sparkle and life
Contained therein

And the sea leaves
A litter of gems from the deep
Peppering the exposed sands
Left naked in its absence
Like so many seeds
Scattered and
Waiting to be discovered
Reminding the sands
That it will return
To play once more
In the margin of warmth again…


The sea cannot stay away
From the shores that are
Its sweet escape



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