Loving Life

14 thoughts on “Loving Life”

  1. What a day! And allowing people to assist, especially when the weather is bad is admirable! In no way do you lose your power, Kit. Accepting help also makes other learn HOW to help… I’d like to learn when it is acceptable to ask if I may be of assistance without pissing people off! I’m kinda scared of people in wheelchairs to tell you the truth! I have pissed off too many!!! Any tips? ~Kim

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    1. I have no tips for knowing when it’s okay to help. I honestly have no idea myself. I have barked at dozens of people who wanted to help me including friends and family. When I heard that man behind me I had a split second of, “no,” before I let him. I honestly don’t know why today would be different than every other day. I think it was the whole picture of the gentleman with the weather and his demeanor: I didn’t feel like there was any pity, just kindness.

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