He had been a charlatan all along. She knew that now and marveled at how long he had kept up the charade to begin with. Except…

He never realized what she was capable of because he’d counted her out the moment he found and exploited her weakness. He didn’t know that the master was about to be surpassed by the student.

Sammie Scribbles Weekend Writing Prompt

Use the word “charlatan” and write a piece of poetry or prose in exactly 61 words.

How did I do?

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      1. The ⁂ asterism is used to denote breaks in text, which I rather feel like I’m in right now, and can be used if the name of the author (or work) is withheld or unknown, which is rather apropos.

        The other in my pic is called a unalome (Buddhist, although I’m not) meant to remind us that our journeys toward the future are never straight or perfect, they are filled with lessons and missteps and suffering, but they are still beautiful.

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