7 thoughts on “Mousetrap”

  1. Ah yes, I am also seeing that the world expects certain things from me now. So totally different than I am willing or ready to give. Dreams that disappear. Why are we held to different standards and how to cope? It will take years to figure that one out. I also lost my long ago dreams of rocking chairs at sunset together on the porch. How to push on? Everyone just says time and prays. Well, ok, but the hole that’s left will never totally heal for me. Maybe it will feel a little less horrific, but I know I will never forget therefore never stop feeling. I don’t want to. I do want to go on with life. I believe they are beginning to be two different entities. A before and an after a dot on the timeline. I am only able to hope you are able to put some stepping stones over your “hole” in you heart and relearn how to fly. I am finding it’s not a state, but a process.
    Once again, so many words. My hugs, shoulder, always my love, Auntie Joan 🌹❤️🌹

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    1. You’re right. We get judged and told how we are supposed to grieve and that we are supposed to move on already because someone has decided it is time.

      But we cannot get over what happened in our lives. They are a part of us. They wrote the pages we became. We cannot get over it and just move on because that is asking us to get over who we are and leave the pages of our books I acknowledged.

      My hole?! Who knows.


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