He had been a charlatan all along. She knew that now and marveled at how long he had kept up the charade to begin with. Except... He never realized what she was capable of because he'd counted her out the moment he found and exploited her weakness. He didn't know that the master was about... Continue Reading →


The abhorrent nature of silence in the face of injustice was sickening to him. He had spent his life devoted to ending oppression and yet he continued to see those who would fight for the same cause elsewhere complicit in causing and ignoring it at home. They had become anathema to him. ⁂ Sammie Scribbles... Continue Reading →


She stood a the top of the hill watching the eastern sky slowly lighten over the field below. She knew that it was key terrain in the coming battle and had done her best to give things the time to develop before planning her assault. The birds slowly beginning their mass knew not what the... Continue Reading →


Mousetrap. I wanted to play mousetrap. You roll your dice, you move your nice. Nobody gets hurt. (Bob the Tomato) I've been quiet lately. I know that. I've struggled to find words to say, and not just here. But how do you find the words to express what is happening when what is happening is... Continue Reading →

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