It didn't matter that the day was lengthening. Leading up to the solstice she had felt the weighted cold of dark winter to the core of her being. Granted, since the solstice she had felt the gradual increase of sunshine but the light was still largely being eclipsed. But she felt the sunshine increasing and... Continue Reading →

Þe Ðing About Truð

Þe ðing about truð and wið lies Is þat boð are ðought often wið sighs We shirk from boð ðings Wið our heads neað our wings And yet we all claim to be wise   Didn't quite understand? Þþ is the mostly dead letter thorn, which is pronounced as /th/ in words such as the,... Continue Reading →


She stood there barefooted as the wind blew cool, wet air into her face. She'd been pulled away without even realizing it to places she'd never wanted to go, and it'd taken her years to find her way back to the place where she felt the most alive... The margin where water and earth existed... Continue Reading →


He cared for her, that much was evident. But it wasn't his feelings that were in question but whether his devotion would translate into action. ⁂ Sammie Scribbles Weekend Writing Prompt Use the word "devotion" and write a piece of poetry or prose in exactly 25 words. ⁂ How did I do? Don't be shy...... Continue Reading →

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