Rocking Chair to Nowhere

10 thoughts on “Rocking Chair to Nowhere”

  1. Odd, but I think a lot of us are feeling alone and so close to the edge. What keeps us away from that edge. A promise to my husband and a promise to myself. I will allow myself two days a week to mope and moan and cry or scream. The rest, like the thistle, I will stand straight and grow and live. Does that help you, probably not. You’re not me. You are loved and hugged by a lot of people, but they are not on the rocker beside you. You probably know who those are. Those people won’t stop listening. They all know your story and haven’t left yet. Grab on to those and hold on hard. Message or call or email or even write a beautiful hand written letter. I can always send love and hugs, but I am a ways away. I have never and will never doubt your words or your feelings. Like me, sometimes someone else needs to yell out loud that you are hurting and need love. They need to yell to the world that they love you, far and wide. Will it heal broken bones or bodies? Who knows. It will help the heart and a peaceful heart is so very important.
    Be good to yourself and yell out, kick out for what you need and want. Pretend I’m in your other rocker. My other one is gone. I’d like to rock those feelings out. I’m right there. Hugs and hands and all. 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

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  2. Rock out those feelings… you are getting somewhere. Now, resources, find them. Get to the person who can help you set up where you want to go next. You be the boss tho- you will not allow anyone to tell you what is next. This leap you took going to the hospital was extremely brave. I believe you saved your own life. The next part will come. Rock. Rock. Rock… for now… just rock.<3

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  3. As I sit here and ponder over the rocking chair; the image of the metal rocking chair on my grandmothers porch years ago comes to mind. How I sat there and rocked back and forth and waited for the lightening bugs to come out and dance in the night sky. Some nights it seemed to take forever but they eventually came out to dance in the pitch dark night.
    Rock in the chair as long as you need to because the the lightening bug show will be worth it.

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