Exceptionally Interesting

Two souls traveling
Separate winding paths
Through the wide world
Found their paths crossed
Here and there
Along their trodden ways

She rolled along
Day in and out
Busily entangled by
Turmoil and strife
Never really quite convinced
She was enough as she was
Or she’d find her way through
To the happy ending on the other side

But he always saw

He went throughout
His daily life
Busily engaged in
Important things
But never really quite convinced
He was doing little more
Than playing a very long
Yet convincing game of chess

But she always knew

She meandered through
Not ever realizing
He’d always seen
Every good thing
She was always blind to

He went along
Not ever realizing
She’d always known
He was far more than just
Somewhat interesting

Two souls traveling
Separate paths
Found their paths crossed
In an exceptionally interesting way

Inspired by an exceptional cup of Earl Grey and the mountain of leaves left at the end with two winding paths up the sides that met somewhere once or twice along the way to the top.


We don’t always have to know the purpose or the outcome if we can have the faith to walk the path before us.

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