7 thoughts on “42*”

  1. Hmmmm… this is really serious. This certainly takes to heart that either decision is going to hurt. But seeing that freedom comes from such a decision was like throwing a life line out. Either person can make a choice. This waiting around for the other person to decide… doesn’t have to be that way. Darn good writing, Kit. You always leave me wanting more information. 💜

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    1. You know, you read like I do so I know how you get to the heart of EVERYTHING I write but it still amazes me that you do. I guess it’s good that I don’t give it all away, though… Wouldn’t want to be too loose with my thoughts! That could be reckless…

      Maybe I will write you a note tonight and you will see the picture of all the things that keep leaving you wanting to know more.

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      1. I don’t imagine you to ever be careless with your words. You balance each thought before it even reaches the paper. I hope you feel like you can write me at anytime. I’d love that. And I will write you back, Kit. I’m glad you know that I do pay attention to what you write, when you write it, and from where. I’d never presume that I know what you are going through. But I will help you on your journey in any way that I can. I mean it.💜

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