“The Sound of Silence” ~ The Sound of My Day

9 thoughts on ““The Sound of Silence” ~ The Sound of My Day”

  1. Yes. I wonder if I keep my mouth shut or share too much? I’m not about to tell you what I ate for breakfast, I don’t do goat yoga, and as for the bathroom, TMI. Silly aside, I believe we must consider whether we are the giver or receiver of the Sound of Silence? I think we each could fulfill either role at times… come back from the darkness dear Kit. It is not your friend. xoxo

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    1. I think I have my moments of sharing a big truth as a means of sending a message, but overall I think I’m pretty good at keeping things to where the analytical readers and those with a keen eye to word choice and connotation may find the depths while the surface seems quite simple and shallow.

      I think in my world of close friends and confidants, I share quite a lot but there is maybe one or two people who are the keepers of truth and know a lot more than a little. The favored of all friends is a soul who takes all I say and absorbs it silently, only sending back what I need and never getting me more spun up; in that, I’m usually the receiver of and that person the giver of silence.

      I am trying to say out of the dark but it is a challenge these last few weeks!

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      1. I agree with your summary. Interresting how we find ourselves in different roles depending on the company we keep… I’m an email away, remember. I’m reminded of a quote; “If you can not see the light I will sit with you in the dark.” All my best, dear Kit! xo

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