Sisu: Is it in You?

10 thoughts on “Sisu: Is it in You?”

    1. Thank you. I was feeling all sorts of ways the other day and as if I’d lost my -ness and I thought I needed something to remind me to not give up… then *just like magic* this word was spoken and I knew it was for me.

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  1. Sisu. I love learning a new word. It is very Gwen-like! These demigods that we ‘worship’ for there resilient moment are often just thrust into the limelight by happenstance then social media runs with it, we follow. They are only human. Many times they live by that one defining moment never being able to reach the thrill of it again… so, I’ll take your definitions over one shot at ‘demigod status.’ (Think how it messes with the student athlete, best years were in high school, then it’s over.) I’m rambling. You have staying power, Kit. You are all those words you defined. You are in it for the long haul, constantly surprising everyone with your sheer determination. Bad days come and go. You get knocked down and get back up. This really was an excellent post! My mind is still trying to take it all in! xo~k.

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    1. Oh, Kim!

      As always you seem to find the thread I thought about but did not write:

      It’s one defining moment that is held onto and they become the hero for it but it’s not the constant character that brought them there, it’s the outlier of their life and it does define them. We follow the outlier overcomer more than the constant character overcomer. That, I think, is why those people seem to spiral into that definition and then spiral out of control trying to hold onto it:

      It’s their one game and they’re going to stick to it, hoping for continued success with it.

      And… Thank you!!!


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