Sweet Sleep ~ Alternative Medicine

8 thoughts on “Sweet Sleep ~ Alternative Medicine”

  1. turn back the clock
    unlock the lock!
    He died at three
    and love eternal
    is no mystery
    peace and calm
    i sleep during
    the day
    the cicada
    is my intent
    to praise
    and too to lament
    and costs
    at the sin of the core
    of my lacking humanity!

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  2. I’m so glad you have found a few things that worked for you. I have a few horror stories about me using Medical MJ, CBD oils… the bottom line, just didn’t work and my hubby had some greats laughs at my expense! Oh well, maybe I’ll write about some day. (But I don’t want to discourage anyone from trying this!) A friend of mine got the daith piercing and it didn’t work. I encouraged her to try for her migraines. I said it’s a 50/50 shot! Worst case, you end up with a cool piercing! 😊 so happy to hear this really works for some! Yay, Kit!

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    1. You’re right, Kim, these things don’t work for everyone but you and I both know that nothing in the medical arena for treating what ails one works for 100% of the patients 100% of the time. The snarky voice inside my head said, “except death,” but the other snarky voice replied, “then why are there so many ghost hunting shoes where they seek the unfinished business and ghosts wandering around moaning and causing mayhem if death worked for them?”

      CBD topically on ye olde Frankenfoot the Doomed was the sanity saver because it hit the pain receptors there immediately.

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      1. Right! And you found alternatives that worked! We know we have to be open to alternatives. You are so damn smart! I know you research everything! And just what is up with ghosts? Go-to-the-light! Enough already! (My snarky voice.) Bless that CBD oil, the FD pain thwarted! I knew, JUST KNEW, the daith piercing would work incredibly well for someone. You are proof positive!

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