Freedom from Oppression

The long, cold winter,

With its oppressive darkness

Blotting out all signs of life,

And joy, and happiness,

Until all that once was

Vibrant and alive

Has become death, malice, and hate,

As winter covers and controls the earth

Increasing the night in increments

And the sorrow by spades

Leaving no sign of light or life

Only broken hearts yearning for the sun

When miraculous rays of golden sunshine

Begin to break through

The blackness of that oppression,

Breaking down the tower walls

That hid away and held captive

In cold dungeons by hard chains

The Hopeful heart

Warming and bringing life to

A world once counted as lost

Until stone by stone

The walls crumble to rubble

The darkness beaten back

Little by little, and more each day,

By the happy sunlight and

The warmth returning in degrees,

Until Hope steps forth into

A world in the midst of renewal

In Freedom.

Originally published

20 January 2018 11:11 AM

11 thoughts on “Freedom from Oppression

  1. I am honored if Funnel Clouds helped break any walls holding in these words and those in Freedom Blooming. This piece is also connected a tapestry finally being woven before my eyes, and I cannot wait to see it finally hung upon the walls of it’s future home.

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