13 thoughts on “Silhouette”

    1. No, I didn’t run into someone in real life. I didn’t even run into someone in not real life. I’ve run into an idea, though, and a question about life when it is no longer what it is now, but my situation is as it ever was… Mostly.

      I will say this was inspired by a real life moment whose snapshot is seared in my memory because the *silhouette* of someone I know was perfectly framed in a window recently (I had the “oh, that’s gonna be a piece” feeling when I saw it). That moment provided the perfect starting point to tell a story in exactly 65 words. I have always done poetry, which is much easier to leave open and broad, so I thought the bigger challenge was the prose because I would have to close it in only 65 words.

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      1. It was a happy reunion that gave me that framed snapshot and that gave me this idea that there is hope beyond the situation I’m in now. Amazing how something small, perhaps nearly meaningless to one (who can ever tell?), can be so powerful to someone else.


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